Wake up! It’s Monday!


Monday.  Widely known as the most dreaded day of the week. While all of my days kind of mash together into one super long day littered with naps resulting in not knowing what day it is, ever, I empathize with you people (the ones who know what day it is). Waking up is hard to do, so I have a suggestion.

The lovely folks at Boxcar Coffee Roasters have a really, REALLY fantastic selection of various roasts and blends as well as a killer, water-processed Decaf for all those of you who are expecting, naturally wired or just soft.   We opted for the Sweet Yellow this time around.  Actually, I bought it as a father’s day gift for my one and only, but seeing as he’d been pulling all-nighters to prepare for his art show (it was on Friday, pics to come), I thought I’d do the right thing and gift it a little earlier – an attempt to keep him keepin’ on.  I’m such a good wife.

This roast is probably one of my favorites out of the different blends, roasts and brands that we’ve sampled this year.  It’s lighter than I expected – which I LOVE.  Easy to drink, a little on the sweet side and has been great for us in both pour-over and aeropress.  I’m a bit of a sucker for caramel undertones, which can usually result in pretty terrible coffee purchases now and then (I think it’s a word that marketers use to suck in the non-coffee drinking coffee drinkers), but these guys are SPOT. ON.  They provide a true, honest guide regarding the flavor and I enjoy every single smooth sip of this heaven in a bag.

If you’re looking for something new to brighten up your morning, evening or every hour of every day, then give Boxcar a go.  We certainly haven’t been disappointed and really look forward to investing in another bag.  Then another…and another.  Also, if you’re in the Boulder (CO) area, head down to their cafe and try it in person!  Or get some of their Bottlerocket cold brew that I so desperately want to try but live way too far away to do so (a trip to the mountains is a-brewing, however) (see what I did there).

In the meantime, I hope you have something (legal) to get you through the first day of your week.  If you put in your order now, I bet next Monday will be a whole lot tastier – Boxcar are SUPER prompt with shipping.  Another brownie point.

Bottoms up!

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