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Okay, so you know how Clint had an art show?  I wore a fantastic kimono cape that I made out of some Poly-Cotton reject I got on sale at Walmart.  It was a nice surprise how well the fabric suited this project and I got a lot of comments about how great it was, not to mention I LOVE KIMONOS.  I have for years.  I’m not always the biggest fan of showing of my guns (yes, I am riddled with mom-arm insecurities), but on a hot day it doesn’t seem like one has much choice.  THEN THERE WAS KIMONO.  In a lightweight fabric, these kimono capes have the ability to add style and flare (and modesty) to pretty much any outfit with the added bonus of not being at all heavy enough to cause a sweaty betty situation.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m rambling on about kimono capes.  Well, we will be embarking on a new project – a line of women’s and children’s kimonos, cardigans and eventually robes and maybe even dresses.  Truth be told, my first kimono was quite rough and thrown together, but I have spent the last month perfecting a few patterns, styles and lengths to be able to provide a great range of quality products.  All kimonos will be one-offs (I just love unique, no-one-has-this-exact-one things) and made with locally sourced and found fabrics (translation: I have some new and some vintage fabrics to use) with the addition of hand stamped and custom screen printed knits to come.

I’m pretty excited about this venture and to see where it leads, if not my mental undoing. Pictured above is the very FIRST children’s kimono I made and we have come a long way since then, even!  Also, just a fun fact, there is a chance that the kids range will be called ‘Lil Kim’.  See?  Little Kimono?  Lil’ Kim?  Yeah.

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