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Yesterday was one of those ‘so tired I could actually maybe die’ days.  Could have had something to do with the brain-drain of a night before, the incredibly late night and the early morning following.  After (finally) finding something to keep my three year old happy and entertained, I decided to get the lead out and just be productive already.  I wouldn’t be able to keep this blog if I ceased making, right?

So, with my icy cup of green tea in hand, I began the simple yet time consuming task of sewing a pillowcase set.  The whole process was pretty straightforward (and I’ll post a tutorial soon), but with the constant toddler interruptions and longing to just curl up on the beanbag and sleep (which I did, once they were sewn), it took a while to get on a roll.

They turned out really nicely.  I kind of want to keep them, though that will not be the fate of these two, I’m afraid.  No, instead, they will be give personality and sent to a good home!  Yup, we’ll be opening the Makers’ Estate store REEEAAAAAL soon and this is one of the items that will be available, along with matching (or clashing, whatever you want) pennants.  Here is a taste of the ‘personality’ we’ll be giving your new homewares:

Dream good dreams

Just think – Reversible.  Eco friendly screen printing.  Your bed.  Sounds good to me!

Check back soon for progress on the store.  We’re really excited and have some amazing things, made and found, to share with y’all.

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One comment on “She sews
  1. Rachel says:

    Hey Amy!

    Just wanted to say I admire your making! Wish I was so inclined myself but I will purchase one of your pillow sets when they come out. Do you remember grade 8 home ec…I’m pretty sure you were with me when I burnt my index finger on the sewing machine light bulb! Lol, still got the scar to prove it. I have a passion for sewing but the skill is yet to follow ;) will be reading your blog :)

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