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Our little family is only beginning as a unit of three and we are loving every second of it thus far.  My name is Amylee and I was a single, working mother until I started dating the love of my life last year.  Clint and I met 3 years ago on Tumblr (of all places) when I stumbled across his art blog and commissioned him to draw a piece for me.  Years of emailing, Skype-ing, FaceTime-ing and visiting ensued and we are now engaged to be married on the 15th of February, 2014.

Clint makes art, apparel, furniture and random pieces of practicality for our home.  I make music, nutritious (plant based) foods and a home.  Scarlett makes noise, mess and inappropriate statements about strangers.

We are Makers and these are our stories.


I am Amylee - Maker, married to a fellow Maker, mama to a mess in a tutu and big time dreamer in small town Oklahoma.  I wish I was stylish enough to have a fashion blog, but I might just write a lot about coffee.

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