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My Monday mornings aren’t too different from every other morning.  We work weekends, we take weekdays off sometimes, our schedules are all mussed up – so I guess Monday isn’t really this horrible ‘have-to-get-out-of-bed-and-commute’ kinda day over here.  However, due to a lifetime of conditioning that has led me to believe that Monday mornings are less tolerable than all the other ones, I have a short but important list of things that make my grumps go away on a morning such as this.


An obvious must, but worth noting.  A good bean is definitely number one on the priority list and at the moment we are trying this dark italian roast from Kind Coffee.  Clint’s parents recently went on a vacation to Colorado (sigh) and brought a bag back for us as a gift.  We are seriously that easy to buy for – a bag of beans from wherever you end up, please.

We’re not usually italian roast drinkers, but I can absolutely say that Kind has changed our minds.  It’s actually perfect.  In the morning as a pourover (using our AMAZING CoffeeSock)  and a french press in the evening.  It’s gentle and easy to drink, yet has a rich, caramel tone that is, personally, my favorite note.   The best part?  All of Kind Coffee’s beans are fair trade and sustainable grown.  Win/win.

A comforting mug

You know how some people form emotional connections to inanimate objects?  I am one of those people.  Mugs are my thing and when I get attached, that mug goes with me everywhere.  When I moved from Australia, I had to make the hard decision to leave all my babies behind – for fear that they wouldn’t make the trip in one piece and while I was probably right, I still miss my wizard of oz mug and Japanese teacup (which was actually the perfect ‘flat-white’ size).

Recently, my husband and I were sent a wonderful package of handmade pottery from artist Nicholas James Akins of aLionsArt.  My new favorite mug just happened to be amongst the goods (pictured above).  If you love one-of-a-kind pottery and want to fill your house with it, head over to Nick’s Etsy store right now.  I have never encountered such quality work at such affordable prices – the man clearly has a gift and if you don’t hurry, I will have bought everything already.


I know everyone preaches ‘movement in the morning’ and honestly, it is the BEST time to get in some exercise.  It’s not possible for everyone (I know some people have grown up jobs and what have you), but I have found a solution that almost anyone can fit in.  Hit youtube, type in ‘Morning Yoga’ or ’10 minute yoga’ or ‘yoga for abs’ or whatever the H you want to focus on/target/workout and you will find thousands of results.  I have tried A TON of them and haven’t been dissatisfied yet.  A 10 minute stretch in the morning will do your body, brain and mood a WORLD of good.  Additionally, if this is the only exercise you get all day – as long as it’s everyday – you’ll definitely feel the difference.  10-2o minutes a day.  Who knew!  Below are some links to my favorite routines:

AM Yoga from Exercise TV  and Morning Yoga with Adriene - these ones are my FAVORITE

PM Yoga Workout with Rainbeau Mars - and yes, you can laugh

Bedtime Yoga with Adriene - I would suggest subscribing to this channel.  Adriene is adorable, her videos are high quality, her workouts are fantastic and doable and for anything you struggle with – there’s probably a tutorial!  Adriene also has numerous topical videos such as yoga for when you’re sick, yoga for depression, lower back pain yoga, Butt and thighs and pretty much anything else you could think of.  Through and through my one stop yoga channel.

Yoga at your desk - Don’t ever give me that ‘but I work too much’ excuse again…

Ps.  Don’t EVER feel disheartened when first starting out your yoga practice.  THAT’S WHY WE CALL IT PRACTICE.  Stretch as far as you are able, keep trying and get back up when you fall down.  It’s not something you will be instantly good at and EVERYONE is tight when they first start, but give it a week and you will begin to see why so many people swear by it.

Pro tip: create a routine for yourself.  Wake up, drink some warm water with lemon (the body absorbs warm water better), do your yoga while the kettle boils and proceed with your coffee ritual – whatever it may be.  Routine does the body good.

I trust you will all take this naturally cranky woman’s sage advice on how to reverse the cranks (I’m kidding, I’m an absolute delight in the morning).  Happy rising, morning people!

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