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I am so absolutely thrilled to be starting this new feature!  Maker’s Monday is set to become a regular post, published on the last Monday of every month and will showcase the work and life snippets of some of my favorite makers.

We define a Maker as anyone who creates.  Music, home wares, art, words, furniture and ANYTHING else you could possibly think of.  These people inspire me and capture my attention entirely to the point that I want to know all about them and I would like to share what I learn with you also.  I have some exciting (and hopefully EXCITED) Makers lined up for the coming months, none more exciting than our very first Maker’s Monday Maker (mouthful) – Hilary Thackway!


Hilary is a Sydney based maker of just about anything that cartwheels around her brain.  Her work is full of laughter and light and I had the honor of being able to invade her personal time for a while:

Hello!!!!! My name is Hilary Thackway and I probably do too many things for my own good. I’m 25, living in Sydney, Australia, and working for myself as a designer, illustrator, paper engineer and art director.

How did you get to where you are? Was there a pivotal starting point or have you just always been creating?
As long as I can remember and from what I’ve been told, I’ve always been drawing and making things. I grew up in Canberra, Australia’s capital, with a big family who are all creative. I’m lucky to be in the generation of kids who had no technology, so we created our own fun, for hours and hours!

One of the best things I can remember about my final two years of high school was being able to choose my own subjects, which meant that all my subjects were creative.

If there was one piece you could choose to define your entire body of work, which would it be?
I don’t think that is possible! Most of my work is humorous but I also do a lot of pop up wedding invitations and other wedding stationary.

What are you working on currently?
I’ve just been involved in a really great show called The Silver Screen, with 11 other artists. The Silver Screen theme is based around all things film. I wanted to do something really fun and interactive, so I made puppets! There is a burger, a banana, a two headed furry monster, an old granny smoking a cigarette, a friendly yellow dork, a cactus and a watermelon. It looked like people were having a great time playing with them at the opening. The show runs ’til the 6th of March at The Corner gallery in Chippendale, Sydney. If you’re in town, check it out!!!

What’s the worst thing about being an adult?
Bills, bills, bills.

And the best?
Working for myself!

Drop an album name that you think our readers should be listening to RIGHT NOW
I don’t know any of their album names but I strongly recommend Joseph Liddy and The Fighting League.

I notice that you have quite an extensive job description (designer, stylist, art director, illustrator etc). Is there one particular role you prefer?
I never think of my work in categories with one being more important than the other. An idea will pop into my head – say a photo shoot, a film, a publication, a design, a puppet – and I have to make it. Otherwise I go a little crazy. I think the main thing for me is creating something that brightens my day a little, with a hope to bring laughter to my friends and family. Then if strangers see it and laugh too, that’s pretty neat.

Where can we find more of your delicious work?

Favorite Australian slang?

Make sure you stop by Hilary’s website or one of her many blogs for some inspiration and humor.  We’re hoping to keep Hil as a good friend and contributor to We are Makers in the near future, so show her some love!  I’m tickled that this feature has come together so well and can’t wait to introduce you to our March Maker.

Until then…


All artwork and imagery on this post provided by Hilary Thackway

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