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Hey y’all.  You may notice that this is coming to you a little later in the day than usual.  Today we decided to bring you something a little different – partly because of the fact that none of the interviews from our queued up Makers are quite ready to go but mostly because I wanted to get my husband in on a post and we BOTH have some major crushes on some magnificent makers and we just can’t keep it in any longer.  So here you go!

Clint’s Crushes

davemassman ramona scottdye

(Dave Massman/Ramona Press/Scott Dye)

These three makers use different mediums for different purposes, but they are all driven by the desire to make a quality product with their hands. Detail, precision, and care can be found throughout their work, and that’s one of those things that inspire me, and motivate me to get away from a glowing screen and make something I can hold or wear or hang on a wall and share.

Dave Massman, Austin TX: Woodworker and teacher from Texas crafting very handsome handmade furniture and housewares.  You can follow his workmanship HERE

Ramona Press, Austin TX: Screen printing and design studio driven by art and customer service, with the ultimate desire to use screen printing to bring art, community, education, and appreciation together.  Have a look at their quality work and great initiatives HERE.

Scott Dye, Durango CO: From ski-masked presidents to vintage cameras to ice cream cones, you can’t go wrong with hanging this quirky art on your wall.  Check out the rest of his stuff HERE.

Amylee’s Crushes


(Kippy Skateboards/Sarah Thornhill Photography/Kin Ship Goods)

The three Makers that I have included today have been on my radar for a long time now.  While they all produce work in vastly different fields, they have a few things in common – Quality, drive and personality.  There’s nothing more beautiful to me than a product that has come from a place of wanting to create something AND THEN DOING IT.  Built from the ground up, these wonderful Makers don’t just deserve my affection, they deserve yours, also!

Kippy Skateboards, based in the Gold Coast, Australia: A maker from my home!  I have drooled over the Kippy boards since I was still living in the GC.  Since then, only my location has changed, the desire is still there!  Kippy Skateboards is a faith based company, creating specially crafted boards for the adventurer, life-lover and even the art collector.  The boards exude the culture from which they are created and are just so fun, fresh and functional.  See more of the Kippy range HERE.

Sarah Thornhill Photography, CA:  I have been a long time fan of Sarah’s work and am just THRILLED to see her photography really taking off.  Her work displays a genuine element of ‘real life’ you sometimes find missing in over-directed/edited shots, while still keeping a beautiful, whimsical feeling about it.  She has a true gift.  I suggest you place Sarah Thornhill Photography at the very TOP of your list when planning events, family get togethers or even for a ‘I need more family photos, let’s do this’ kinda shoot (which is what I’m contemplating doing…my husband and I can’t seem to get out from behind the camera).  Her work speaks for itself, right HERE.

Kin Ship Goods, WV:  A couple of makers inspired to make things, so they did.  Producing men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel as well as some great kitchenware, their products are easy to fall in love with.  As someone who has a habit of getting emotionally attached to inanimate objects (namely mugs and tees), Kin Ship reeled me in EASILY.  The items I have crushed on hardest are pictured above and I only WISH I were closer to go and visit in person.  If you also find yourself far away from Kin Ship, or if online shopping is totally your thang, you can find more goods HERE. 

Thanks to my hunky husband for contributing today and including some AWESOME Makers.  Hope you enjoyed this roundup, I don’t think it’ll be the last.

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One comment on “Maker’s Monday…kinda
  1. Scott Dye says:

    Thanks for the shoutout – I’m really digging Ramona Press’s stuff!

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