Make it: Twig & Twine wall hanging

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Living in the middle of this country means INTENSELY hot summers and high utility bills (sweet, sweet air conditioning).  Unfortunately, I have found this to be very VERY true, particularly for the past few weeks and, incidentally, Scarlett hasn’t been too fond of going outside to play for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Cue – cabin fever.  We got it – so I have been wracking my brain every darn day trying to think up fun activities and things to do with her inside that will be entertaining for her and not the end of my sanity.  It wasn’t until today, while I was pouring over one of those “we live life like it’s one big garden party and our decor is impeccable” blogs, that I found the perfect craft that combined a little outside time with an activity that Scarlett could do (mostly) by herself.  There was a perfectly lit photo of some ladies enjoying the world’s best mason jar cocktails in front of a beautiful white wall covered in twig-mobiles – Twigs with feathers and rocks hanging from them basically.  One click was all it took to see that they were being sold for $75 and I’m all like, “MY KID COULD MAKE THAT”.

So she did.

Granted, it looks like a kid made it, but I can’t wait to make one of my own and let’s be real – it’s freaking adorable. Here’s what you need:

Twig & Twine Mobile

Good looking twigs (good opportunity to shoo the littles outside to search for “treasure”)
Feathers – bought or found.  I suggest washing and Lysol-ing the crap out of found ones.
Beads, if you want
Other pretty, hang-y thingies, if you want
Your choice of colored thread/embroidery thread/twine

The method is pretty easy.  Wrap the twigs with the twine as heavily or sparse as you like – this is really a ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ kinda deal.  Once you’re satisfied, rig up the pretties you would like to hang from the main twig.  Pro tip: if you’re going for a more ‘color-blocked’ wrapping look, tie the hanging pretties on first, then wrap.  You can disguise knots better this way.  Once you’re happy with your super-duper stick thing, fix some twine for hanging on either end (perhaps wrap it around a few times to, again, disguise knots) and hang wherever you please!  We chose to hang ours next to our Cody Eich original print.

Obviously, you can vary what you hang from these mobiles, I’m thinking that I’ll hang smaller sticks from my next one (horizontally, so they’re all parallel, if you can picture that).

As I am sure that I can’t be the only one with bored offspring this season, I’ve included my favorite DIY’s that will be fun for Mommy and littles alike.  Take a look below!


(left to right)
Yarn Banner @ Creative Bug, Pom Pom Fruit @ Mr. Printables / Macrame Curtain @ A Beautiful Mess / Trash Trophies @ Mr. Printables / Wrapped twig bouquets (great for further inspiration!) @ Aesthetic Outburst

Have fun!


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  1. Hailey says:

    I follow a blog that’s loaded with tasteful kids crafts and activities that you might enjoy. Have you ever heard of Cakies? (

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