Growing up

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The little one turned four yesterday and I have been a mess about it.  She’s a smashing success of a human, so far (my husband keeps pointing this out in order to try and cheer me up) but I still can’t help but think back to all the baby times.  All the things I miss, all the things I did wrong, every little thing I failed to write down in one of those darned baby books and it’s turned me into a sniffling, teary, sad excuse for a human for the last few days.

I am grateful for every day we’ve had together.  I am grateful for the little person she is and all the independence she is gaining.  I’m proud of her in every way, I’m overwhelmed by her brain and imagination and everything she is capable of and I will cherish every moment with her forever and ever, but for today – I will be a sap.

Meanwhile, she’s in another room playing ‘pull my finger’ with her dad.  That’s my girl.

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