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I have a special Maker to share with you today, yay!  He is a dear friend of mine who has always pursued his passions (whatever they may have been at the time) with drive and tenacity.  His current project, TOTOME, is currently in Kickstarter status and set to be a hit (just the first of many).

See for yourself, or better yet, let the man behind LionSaysRoar - Javed Lendl Sterritt – tell you a bit about himself, TOTOME and the exciting road ahead.

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Hey! My name is Javed Lendl Sterritt and I live in Sydney Australia. I’m a musician, animator, director and budding game developer.  I grew up in Townsville and when I was 22, I chased a girl all the way down to Sydney where I got married and began my creative career.

What are some recent projects you have been involved with?
Being a musician, I had a huge heart for bands, so I originally focused all my energy on music videos.  I’m still working on music videos but have branched out into bringing more ‘creative’ into the world of corporate. I’ve also leant more towards the area of animation and moving imagery.

Tell us about TOTOME!
TOTOME, at its core, is the chance for me and all involved to crack into the world of gaming.  I personally love games and I’m interested in how they affect us as people.  TOTOME, while trying to keep it fun and visually beautiful, is really an experiment for us to see how the community reacts to such a simple game design. 

How did TOTOME come about?
I was thinking about Flappy Bird as I drove home from work one day and I was wondering what it was that made the game so successful.  I arrived at the conclusion that the appeal was in the simplicity.  The game literally had 1 mechanic: tap the screen to make the bird flap. 

Whether the developer knew what he was doing or not, the design was genius.  The game is hard but the difficulty comes more from the skill level of the player, not necessarily hard levels.  As you play more and more, you start to see your skill level go up.  You feel your skill level increase.  This is why I think the game was so successful and I wanted to attempt something similar.

Tell us about a childhood gaming experience that influenced you
I think the first game I ever played was Jungle Jill on my dad’s MSDOS computer when I was a kid.  There was something about gaming that just drew me in.  I’ve always been apt to storytelling and adventure so The Legend Of Zelda, Crash Bandicoot and Sonic The Hedgehog are games I’m drawn to the most. 

Once released, what are your hopes for TOTOME?
I hope people are inspired by it, challenged by it and generally have a great experience with it.  I want TOTOME to be a launching pad for us to reach a bit higher into the gaming community.  If we get this small project made just right, we can begin our next game with a bigger adventure.

Who do you have on your TOTOME team?
There is an INSANELY high level of talent on this game.  Master of all things Adventure and Illustration is CLINT REID, handling the design.  He has a bold approach to his illustration while also being very subtle in his detail.

Music heavyweight JOSH MANCELL is bringing the soundtrack to the game.  He is the man behind the original Crash Bandicoot soundtrack and it is a huge honor to work with him.  I played the first Crash [Bandicoot] when I was 8, in 1996 when it was released, so his music runs deep in my bones.

What is your ALL TIME favorite game?
Oh my glob.  ANY gamer would think this is a hard question.  There are so many experiences and stories to choose from.  I think I’d have to say The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  Such a rad adventure and I think Clint is in the same boat (Pun intended. So lame).

Another doozy – favorite game soundtrack?
THIS IS SO HARD, DUDE!  The first thing that jumps to mind is Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty.  So cinematic, epic and emotional.  Lets roll with that!

So, what happens after the Kickstarter Campaign?
When we reach our target, we pay all the artists for their work and start to build the game.  We’ll build a small website to post updates and we’ll try to keep the press rolling with TOTOME as we head towards a Christmas Eve release.

How can we help?!
The biggest help right now would be involvement – whether through sharing or donating.  The more people who know about the game the better!

You can find the KICKSTARTER HERE.

Will we see more from LionSaysRoar post-TOTOME?
Definitely!  We have some super-exciting concepts for some bigger games and personally, I think they’re really fresh.

Lastly, what’s your go-to snack for a big night in?
Easy!  Bowl of cereal.  Milo or Coco Pops. 

How cool is this guy, seriously?  I am so jazzed to have been able to feature Javed and his fantastic work on my blog and I have a feeling it wont be the last time.

For more information about how YOU can get involved (and your name in the credits, whaddup CELEBRITY STATUS!), be sure to visit the TOTOME Kickstarter Campaign page.  I’ll link it again and again ’til you do.

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