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While we were still in the land of Oz, I thrifted an old book/record combo of Disney’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’.  Scarlett found it amongst her belongings today and BEGGED for me to put it on.  We listened to every last second of that rough, distorted story complete with shrill Tinkerbell chimes every time the page was to be turned.  We listened to it three times through.  I love that our daughter loves books, songs and passive forms of entertainment.  Our decision to remove the iPad from her life was one of the best as far as her brain is concerned.

We’ll be heading to the City in the morning (oops…it already is morning. No rest for this mama) to hang Clint’s art show and galavant around a bit.  If you’re in OKC, come along to the Plaza District at 7pm (Friday 13th, fyi) for some fun, culture and good food.  As is normal with trips away, I’ll be fairly silent as far as blogging is concerned, but only for a week.  I have some nice interim posts queued up for y’all (one plastered with my darling’s face) and I’ll be able to answer emails as of next Friday.

Hopefully we can find some more of these books on vinyl while we’re gone.

Have a happy week!

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