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Here’s the thing: I LOVE buying gifts for people.  People I really know, of course, because it’s an opportunity to say “Hey, look how well I know and love you.  I got you this and even though you never told me you wanted it, even though you didn’t even KNOW you wanted it till this moment, I DID.”

Certainly, that statement is a little presumptuous, but I kinda just cross my fingers and hope that my loves like their gifts as much as I do.  Lucky for me, Father’s Day is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!  Another reason to gift shop, hooray!  I’ve been trawling the internet far and wide looking for the perfect gift that says “You mean the world to us” without saying “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME”.  We have a pretty simple guy, he likes what he likes unapologetically and it’s usually the little things that make him smile.  I think I purchased accordingly, but I guess we’ll find out.

As for YOU LOT who may be struggling to find that gem for daddy/husband/BFF with a kid/Godfather etc,  I have compiled a few items that I had on my shortlist for you to peruse, drool over and hopefully discover the right gift for that guy in your life.

1. Noble Tastes Box from Simone LeBlanc – $175
Here’s on for all you high rollers out there.  Edible blooms? Over it.  Gift baskets laden with cellophane? OVER IT.  This gift box just oozes upper class taste with an earthy feel.  This mother-of-all-gift-boxes includes:

  • Black Coffee The Fighter Blend
  • Fino in Fondo Soprassata Artisan Salume
  • Five Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • A Fruitwood Serving Board
  • Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt
  • Valerie Confections Smoke and Spice Truffles

I all honestly, I don’t even know exactly what some of those things are, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them.  Needless to say, this ritzy gift will have daddio singing “I’m so fancy…” all the way from the sheets to the kitchen.

2. Lovin’ You Print from Deth P. Sun – $35
Some dads just really love art.  My husband, particularly, is super fond of the work of Deth P. Sun and I have to admit that I have quite a soft spot for it too (he used to send me stickers and cards with Deth P. Sun art on them when we were long distance).  Obviously, this little sucker would look amazing on anyone’s wall.

This particular piece is pretty close to both our hearts and if you like what you see, head on over to the store and take a look at his other great merch!  The t-shirts are also pretty killer!  Not your ordinary F-day gift, eh.

3. Wild Man Beard Conditioner from Wild Rose Herbs – $19.95
Is the man in question a little wooly?  Rugged?  Extra hairy-handsome?  Then he definitely needs a bottle of this in the medicine cabinet.  This beard conditioner is AMAZING and although I can’t vouch for it due to my own use (though i once stole a few drops when I ran out of moisturizer, it was pretty lush!) but Clint’s beard after he uses it?  UGH – so soft.  He says it also helps the skin underneath, keeping it moisturized, keeping itch at bay and just taming those wild, manly wires.  Additionally, it smells totally great.  A vegan, non-gmo, cruelty free product made from therapeutic grade essential oils, it’s kinda a must for any man with no desire to shave.

4. The Smith Journal from Frankie Press – $11.14 for latest issue or $46.17 for 6 month subscription
When you have kids (which I assume most guys getting gifts on father’s day do), reading an entire book can be an unrealistic task.  It’s hard to really invest time into something without being interrupted and when you DO have time, it’s usually channeled into something more important like family or paying the bills (Dolla bills, y’all).  The Smith Journal provides the luxury of having something interesting and relevant to read without the time commitment.  Read an article, put it down.  Pick it up a week later and read another.  Perfect dad gift, plus the content is fantastic, the writers leave me snort-laughing and it’s Australian!  Mi Familia!

5. Henderson Black Speckle Tee from Mr Simple – $45.67
I told you, our guy is simple.  However – simple, complicated, style-illiterate or totally FAB-U-LOUS, every guy needs his fair share of closet staples.  Mr Simple is my new favorite as it provides just that – quality, stylish, well made staples at a reasonable price.  As a lover of heathered tees, I gravitated directly toward this number.  Black is a safe, comfortable color to wear and the speckle makes it interesting, a little different and just plain COOL MAN.  I’m not gonna lie, I want to hug this shirt.

6.  Air Jordan 1 Mid from Nike – $105
In my experience, guys don’t buy shoes too often.  So when it’s time to purchase a sparkly new pair, you wanna be dang sure they’re good’ns.  Gray – good.  Mid rise – good.  Jordans – good.  These shoes are all the good things and will be GREAT for winter.  I’m feeling kicks-envy over here, but I encourage you to check out the lifestyle section on the Nike site.  If these aren’t up your man’s alley, I bet you’ll find something that definitely is.

7.  DIY ColdBrew 1/2 Gallon kit from brewWright – $18.99
Okay, okay, so this gift comes with a FREE ulterior motive.  This kit is genius, so easy to use, environmentally friendly and each batch tastes better than the last (it’s science).  For the avid coffee in all of us (not just the Papas), this gift is sure to please, especially if you team it with a bag of his favorite beans.  For extra brownie points, begin brewing the night before and have a crazy good, icy glass of this waiting for him at his bedside. Guess who’s getting a gold star?  Oh you sly thang, you.

Go on.  You have just enough time for shipping, so best get shopping!

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