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It’s no secret how fond I am of Popbasic and all the things they produce, but just in case you’re new here, let me give you a quick run down of what Popbasic is.

Popbasic is a company with a fashion focus – that focus being producing timeless, quality, stylish closet essentials at an affordable price.  Ever month Popbasic releases a ‘micro-collection’.  A collection of three items so versatile, so vital and so very very cute that EVERYONE should have them in their respective closets.  By offering such collections monthly, Popbasic have created a fun and affordable way to build up your wardrobe staples.

So, now that you’re versed on the cause – look at this collection!  The Wanderlust collection dropped today and I have to say – IT’S MY FAVORITE ONE SO FAR.  I’ve always said that a striped tee takes the “tee and jeans” look from casual to classy in a matter of seconds.  Additionally, a slouchy cape cardigan is definitely a must in anyone’s fashion stash, suitable for all seasons.  It’s a good piece for layering, for frumpy days and a whole plethora of other occasions (Pretty sure I have several already).  Lastly, let’s not forget that chain.  Gunmetal is obviously the most bad-ass of all the metals/colors and a heavy chain is the perfect ‘statement-but-not-too-loud-of-a-statement’ piece.  I just love Wanderlust.

As stated before, Wanderlust is available for purchase as of TODAY and if you follow THIS LINK (or the ‘I <3 Popbasic’ button in my sidebar) you’ll receive $15 dollars off your purchase.  SCORE.

G’head, stock that closet with multi-seasonal staples.  You know you want to.

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