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Lately – Fall and a Movie list!

Fall is here!  The time for sweaters, coffee dates, day walks and lots of family time.  We love the fall and my favorite thing about it so far (other than the new coffee shop that has opened up only STEPS from our back door) are the movies we’ve been watching.  Have you ever noticed how some movies are just better suited to certain seasons?  Well, I certainly think they are and we now have a running list.  This morning we watched the Wizard of Oz – which I first saw when I was two but waited till Scar was four to show her.  I think she GENUINELY believes in everything she sees, so I wanted to make sure she could handle it.  She LOVED it, even though she kept having to shush me because how can you not belt out every single word sung in that movie, seriously? Anyway, fall has :READ MORE:

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Adventure time!


Just a cute little interim post of our darling girl.  She has imagination oozing out of every pore, honestly.  What kid can be left alone for hours without causing trouble and have the ability to create her own world?  This kid (and by alone, I mean free to roam the backyard or lord over her room whilst we watch from a close distance.  Come on, people, I’m a good parent). I have a few recipes, new products, guest posts and more exciting things heading your way soon, so stay with me!

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Gotta have Game

I have a special Maker to share with you today, yay!  He is a dear friend of mine who has always pursued his passions (whatever they may have been at the time) with drive and tenacity.  His current project, TOTOME, is currently in Kickstarter status and set to be a hit (just the first of many). See for yourself, or better yet, let the man behind LionSaysRoar - Javed Lendl Sterritt – tell you a bit about himself, TOTOME and the exciting road ahead. Hey! My name is Javed Lendl Sterritt and I live in Sydney Australia. I’m a musician, animator, director and budding game developer.  I grew up in Townsville and when I was 22, I chased a girl all the way down to Sydney where I got married and began my creative career. What are some recent projects you have been involved with? Being a musician, I had a huge heart for :READ MORE:

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Growing up

The little one turned four yesterday and I have been a mess about it.  She’s a smashing success of a human, so far (my husband keeps pointing this out in order to try and cheer me up) but I still can’t help but think back to all the baby times.  All the things I miss, all the things I did wrong, every little thing I failed to write down in one of those darned baby books and it’s turned me into a sniffling, teary, sad excuse for a human for the last few days. I am grateful for every day we’ve had together.  I am grateful for the little person she is and all the independence she is gaining.  I’m proud of her in every way, I’m overwhelmed by her brain and imagination and everything she is capable of and I will cherish every moment with her forever and ever, but :READ MORE:

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A Soundtrack to Your Weekend


I’ve been super homesick lately.  Seriously, look at where I used to live.  Crazy.  Music is one of those things that ties all my memories together, as I’m sure it does for every other human being in the world.  Inspired by places I love and the feelings they evoke, I created a weekend playlist that I have been using as my work/writing playlist.  HOWEVER, it is just as perfect for that road-trip with friends as it is for busting out your creativity all over that weekend project and channeling all your productivity into the millions of chores that seem to appear on a Saturday morning. Seeing as I’m about to publish a post full of my morning productivity, I thought I should preface it with a gift, of sorts.  Here you go:

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Hey, Mum

Today is my Mum’s birthday.  I am so incredibly sad to be so far away from her today, but I am also feeling so incredibly blessed that I have had her all my life.  We haven’t had the smoothest ride, ups and downs like most Mothers and Daughters, but I can confidently say that we are strong women with a strong bond and a love for each other that wont be broken (trust me, a lot of things have tried, yet here we are). I owe everything to this woman, particularly the mother I am today.  I would be nothing without her love and guidance, her lessons in patience and her belief in me.  I am far away at the moment, pursuing a grown-up life and family of my own, but there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of this marvelous woman and the things she has :READ MORE:

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Hey, Scar

A quick photo update on our little flower who seems to get weirder, more fun and more awesome with every passing day.  If you don’t believe me, ask today’s imaginary friend, Climber.  He’s a climber and asked if it was okay to call me Amy instead of mom, seeing as I was NOT his mom and merely the host for his visit.  Weirdo. Here’s to growing up imaginative, resourceful and unlike anyone else. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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For the record…

While we were still in the land of Oz, I thrifted an old book/record combo of Disney’s ‘The Ugly Duckling’.  Scarlett found it amongst her belongings today and BEGGED for me to put it on.  We listened to every last second of that rough, distorted story complete with shrill Tinkerbell chimes every time the page was to be turned.  We listened to it three times through.  I love that our daughter loves books, songs and passive forms of entertainment.  Our decision to remove the iPad from her life was one of the best as far as her brain is concerned. We’ll be heading to the City in the morning (oops…it already is morning. No rest for this mama) to hang Clint’s art show and galavant around a bit.  If you’re in OKC, come along to the Plaza District at 7pm (Friday 13th, fyi) for some fun, culture and good food.  As :READ MORE:

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Sunday Surprise Visits

For as long as I can remember, my husband has gone on and on about his BFF, the BFF’s adorable sons and his wife that I would “just love” (he was right, by the way).  I met them one night on skype, briefly, but have waited so long to actually get to meet them.  Yesterday was the day I finally did! Living in a rural town is a bummer sometimes, but when you happen to live in between points A and B on a long road trip, you get to be the stop over and that is a GREAT thing.  We all had a wonderful time, the kids are cut from the same cloth, as are all the adults.  I think I made friends (yay)!  Also, I want a baby.  Doesn’t that tiny boy just make your heart burst? Hopefully our time apart is short. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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A Weekend in the (Oklahoma) City – photos

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