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Monday Morning Must-haves

My Monday mornings aren’t too different from every other morning.  We work weekends, we take weekdays off sometimes, our schedules are all mussed up – so I guess Monday isn’t really this horrible ‘have-to-get-out-of-bed-and-commute’ kinda day over here.  However, due to a lifetime of conditioning that has led me to believe that Monday mornings are less tolerable than all the other ones, I have a short but important list of things that make my grumps go away on a morning such as this. Coffee An obvious must, but worth noting.  A good bean is definitely number one on the priority list and at the moment we are trying this dark italian roast from Kind Coffee.  Clint’s parents recently went on a vacation to Colorado (sigh) and brought a bag back for us as a gift.  We are seriously that easy to buy for – a bag of beans from wherever you :READ MORE:

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Skate commission


I know I’ve been posting a lot of Clint’s work lately, but the guy is doing some SUPER things. Here’s a little sneak peak of a Skateboard commission he posted off today.  Turned out really nicely and I AM LOVING the natural grain of the board. So cool. While we’re on the topic, check out this 4 color, silk screened piece by Chris Johanson (he’s a favorite of ours).  A limited edition run of 30 recycled boards, with under 10 left, I suggest you GET ON THAT.  Quick like.       Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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IMG_4053 copy

My hunk of a husband did a few test prints of the new shirt and it looks awesome.  Obviously. Not only that, but he’s decided to do a limited run of hand screened posters.  In metallic ink (I’ve only been hassling him for sparkly prints for, like, ever). Get them here.

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A good tee conquers all


As you may or may not know, my husband is an artist and screen printer.  He runs a small print shop out of a workshop in the backyard and produces wonderfully, high quality work and I benefit from a never ending supply of cool t-shirts.  This month, he’s released this ‘Labor Conquers All’ design, available for pre-order from his store. This is a sentiment that we both strongly agree with and carry as our personal motivation.  Working from home, for yourself, is no picnic, but there’s always solace in the fact that hard work and good motives generally pay off.  Day by day, we see improvements in our own work and opportunities opening, so I’d say it’s a pretty great verse to live by. All that aside, the t-shirts are baby-soft and this is a badass design.  Get the best on your chest NOW!  Again, if you’d like to own this great :READ MORE:

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There’s nothing better than coming home after a large stint away.  1 1/2 weeks – large, which I know isn’t too bad, but I really do love the feel of my own bed. Our reason for leaving town in the first place was to head up to Oklahoma City for an art show!  CLINT’S ART SHOW!  He’s had many in the past, but this is his first on Oklahoma soil, so it was pretty exciting.  He journeyed away from his usual work and completely indulged his childlike fascination with space – this resulted in six pieces that he likes to collectively call “Europa”. It was a small, ice breaking show and was SO much fun.  Our host, Lindsay from Collected Thread, was the bees knees to hang out with all night and her store is to die for.  There’s not a single thing in there that I don’t want to leave :READ MORE:

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I am Amylee - Maker, married to a fellow Maker, mama to a mess in a tutu and big time dreamer in small town Oklahoma.  I wish I was stylish enough to have a fashion blog, but I might just write a lot about coffee.

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