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Make it: Complexion Clearing and Refreshing Facial Mist


I love a good beauty DIY just as much as the next girl, so when I decided that this Oklahoman weather was just too much for me to bear and I needed a way to refresh my poor skin (sometimes on the hour, ick), I started to research exactly HOW. This is what I came up with.  Now, I’m rather frugal (circumstantially, if I was a rich girl yadda yadda yadda) and if I can save a buck or two by doing it myself, you know I will.  This spray will invigorate and refresh your skin while keeping oiliness and blemishes at bay by packing in a bunch of antibiotics and anti-bacterial properties. Yes PLEASE: Materials/Ingredients 1 clean (and preferably recycled) mist bottle Green tea Peel of 1 orange Sweet almond oil Oregano oil (other anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory options include tea tree and lavender, but oregano is my FAVE) First, brew :READ MORE:

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How to store fresh produce


Today we went on our fortnightly trip to Altus to collect the awesomest produce from our Food Co-op.  Check. It. Out.  Because of the vast amount of food we get every time and the fact that we need to make it stretch over 2 weeks, I live for ULTRA PRODUCTIVITY AND PREPARATION…every second Saturday (the other ones, I sleep in). When we first started buying our produce this way, I would get to the second week and we’d be running out or everything would be dead and slimy.  I HATE waste and I love food, so this made me pretty sad and I decided I needed to up my game and devote some time to prepping our vegetables and fruits in a way that would see them last, stay fresh and be easy to access/use/eat at any given time.  I now consider myself pretty versed in produce storing (only because I’ve :READ MORE:

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I am Amylee - Maker, married to a fellow Maker, mama to a mess in a tutu and big time dreamer in small town Oklahoma.  I wish I was stylish enough to have a fashion blog, but I might just write a lot about coffee.

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