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Make it: Complexion Clearing and Refreshing Facial Mist


I love a good beauty DIY just as much as the next girl, so when I decided that this Oklahoman weather was just too much for me to bear and I needed a way to refresh my poor skin (sometimes on the hour, ick), I started to research exactly HOW. This is what I came up with.  Now, I’m rather frugal (circumstantially, if I was a rich girl yadda yadda yadda) and if I can save a buck or two by doing it myself, you know I will.  This spray will invigorate and refresh your skin while keeping oiliness and blemishes at bay by packing in a bunch of antibiotics and anti-bacterial properties. Yes PLEASE: Materials/Ingredients 1 clean (and preferably recycled) mist bottle Green tea Peel of 1 orange Sweet almond oil Oregano oil (other anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory options include tea tree and lavender, but oregano is my FAVE) First, brew :READ MORE:

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How to store fresh produce


Today we went on our fortnightly trip to Altus to collect the awesomest produce from our Food Co-op.  Check. It. Out.  Because of the vast amount of food we get every time and the fact that we need to make it stretch over 2 weeks, I live for ULTRA PRODUCTIVITY AND PREPARATION…every second Saturday (the other ones, I sleep in). When we first started buying our produce this way, I would get to the second week and we’d be running out or everything would be dead and slimy.  I HATE waste and I love food, so this made me pretty sad and I decided I needed to up my game and devote some time to prepping our vegetables and fruits in a way that would see them last, stay fresh and be easy to access/use/eat at any given time.  I now consider myself pretty versed in produce storing (only because I’ve :READ MORE:

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A Soundtrack to Your Weekend


I’ve been super homesick lately.  Seriously, look at where I used to live.  Crazy.  Music is one of those things that ties all my memories together, as I’m sure it does for every other human being in the world.  Inspired by places I love and the feelings they evoke, I created a weekend playlist that I have been using as my work/writing playlist.  HOWEVER, it is just as perfect for that road-trip with friends as it is for busting out your creativity all over that weekend project and channeling all your productivity into the millions of chores that seem to appear on a Saturday morning. Seeing as I’m about to publish a post full of my morning productivity, I thought I should preface it with a gift, of sorts.  Here you go:

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Potato and Leek Soup


The last few days have been wonderfully out of character for this strange state (OK).  Rainy, cold, cozy – all of my favorite things and the PERFECT weather for good music and good food. Heck, it’s always perfect weather for good food. But SOUP! I haven’t been able to eat or make soup since early Spring, I just can’t do that kinda thing in a hot climate y’know.  So when the temperature began to drop, I got super excited at the possibility of being able to combine my red potatoes and enormous leeks into something incredible.  The outcome – this delicious, hearty, warming soup: My favorite Potato and Leek Soup 8 red potatoes washed or peeled – cubed (skin on, if organic) 1 LARGE leek, washed and sliced 2 cloves of garlic oregano oil grass-fed butter 4-6 cups whole milk (preferably raw, can also be replaced with coconut milk or unsweetened, :READ MORE:

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Make it: Twig & Twine wall hanging


Living in the middle of this country means INTENSELY hot summers and high utility bills (sweet, sweet air conditioning).  Unfortunately, I have found this to be very VERY true, particularly for the past few weeks and, incidentally, Scarlett hasn’t been too fond of going outside to play for more than 10 minutes at a time.  Cue – cabin fever.  We got it – so I have been wracking my brain every darn day trying to think up fun activities and things to do with her inside that will be entertaining for her and not the end of my sanity.  It wasn’t until today, while I was pouring over one of those “we live life like it’s one big garden party and our decor is impeccable” blogs, that I found the perfect craft that combined a little outside time with an activity that Scarlett could do (mostly) by herself.  There was a :READ MORE:

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Slow Cooker Bread…What?!


  That’s right, y’all.  This isn’t a Pinterest hoax, this is REAL LIFE. I have tried and tested A LOT of bread recipes since arriving in the land of sugary sandwich bread (America, if you were wondering) and not a single one of them has turned out as soft and fluffy as this recipe right here.  As if I didn’t already have a dependency on my slow cooker, this has only added to the condition – who knew you could use it to create wonderful, artisan style bread?!  Forget your ovens, hide your loaf tins and throw away your expensive Le Creuset dutch oven (actually, don’t do that. Just email me for my shipping address) because this method is about to become your new best friend. Summer is an atrocious season.  I am not a heat person at all, I loathe it with a passion.  So, when it comes to cooking :READ MORE:

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Skate commission


I know I’ve been posting a lot of Clint’s work lately, but the guy is doing some SUPER things. Here’s a little sneak peak of a Skateboard commission he posted off today.  Turned out really nicely and I AM LOVING the natural grain of the board. So cool. While we’re on the topic, check out this 4 color, silk screened piece by Chris Johanson (he’s a favorite of ours).  A limited edition run of 30 recycled boards, with under 10 left, I suggest you GET ON THAT.  Quick like.       Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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IMG_4053 copy

My hunk of a husband did a few test prints of the new shirt and it looks awesome.  Obviously. Not only that, but he’s decided to do a limited run of hand screened posters.  In metallic ink (I’ve only been hassling him for sparkly prints for, like, ever). Get them here.

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A good tee conquers all


As you may or may not know, my husband is an artist and screen printer.  He runs a small print shop out of a workshop in the backyard and produces wonderfully, high quality work and I benefit from a never ending supply of cool t-shirts.  This month, he’s released this ‘Labor Conquers All’ design, available for pre-order from his store. This is a sentiment that we both strongly agree with and carry as our personal motivation.  Working from home, for yourself, is no picnic, but there’s always solace in the fact that hard work and good motives generally pay off.  Day by day, we see improvements in our own work and opportunities opening, so I’d say it’s a pretty great verse to live by. All that aside, the t-shirts are baby-soft and this is a badass design.  Get the best on your chest NOW!  Again, if you’d like to own this great :READ MORE:

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Hey, Mum

Today is my Mum’s birthday.  I am so incredibly sad to be so far away from her today, but I am also feeling so incredibly blessed that I have had her all my life.  We haven’t had the smoothest ride, ups and downs like most Mothers and Daughters, but I can confidently say that we are strong women with a strong bond and a love for each other that wont be broken (trust me, a lot of things have tried, yet here we are). I owe everything to this woman, particularly the mother I am today.  I would be nothing without her love and guidance, her lessons in patience and her belief in me.  I am far away at the moment, pursuing a grown-up life and family of my own, but there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of this marvelous woman and the things she has :READ MORE:

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