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Potato and Spinach Tart


Admittedly, this does seem a bit more like a Spring-y meal, but it was delicious and perfect for fall and I don’t wanna toot my own horn, but…TOOT TOOT. This was surprisingly easy.  I had a bunch of random ingredients that just seemed to work together, not to mention a PLETHORA of potatoes thanks to my awesome co-op.  I’ve seen potatoes and sweet potatoes used as a ‘crust’ for quiche before, so I thought – why not!  Here it is, you guys.  You’re welcome.  Ps, this is definitely one to pull out to impress folks…keep that in mind. SPINACH AND POTATO TART About 2 – 3 Idaho potatoes Olive oil Approx 2 cups loose spinach, stems removed 2 eggs 1 cup Greek Yoghurt (full fat) Juice of 1/2 lemon plus zest Parsley and chives Salt and pepper to taste Wash and slice potatoes 3mm thick, one length wise and 2 across :READ MORE:

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Lately – Fall and a Movie list!

Fall is here!  The time for sweaters, coffee dates, day walks and lots of family time.  We love the fall and my favorite thing about it so far (other than the new coffee shop that has opened up only STEPS from our back door) are the movies we’ve been watching.  Have you ever noticed how some movies are just better suited to certain seasons?  Well, I certainly think they are and we now have a running list.  This morning we watched the Wizard of Oz – which I first saw when I was two but waited till Scar was four to show her.  I think she GENUINELY believes in everything she sees, so I wanted to make sure she could handle it.  She LOVED it, even though she kept having to shush me because how can you not belt out every single word sung in that movie, seriously? Anyway, fall has :READ MORE:

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Comforting (and healing) Chicken Soup

IMG_5380 copy

Ok, so I’m not just going to pretend that I haven’t been absent from posting for quite a long time.  Let’s all address the elephant in the room with some real life truths: Truth #1 – Maintaing a full time blog is hard work with very little return.  When I love it, it’s great.  When I don’t, blah ugh pfft. Truth #2 – Parenting is something best done AWAY from the computer.  Crazy, I know, but I just seem to do a better job of it without a screen in my face.  Lately, the demi-human has been finding her voice and we have been finding it hard to get her to listen, not argue and follow rules that have been in place SINCE HER BIRTH without squashing that little, developing point of view.  Raising a human is almost harder than maintaining a blog, am I right?! (Yes, mommies, I’m kidding). Truth :READ MORE:

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Sugar-free Ketchup

IMG_3323 copysmall

Okay, okay, okay.  I know I’ve been absent lately – we’ve just moved into our adorable new house that we’ve been working on since FEBRUARY and I am in full on nesting mode.  However, I do have quite a few fun DIY’s, Makers and guest posts coming your way, so be patient with me.  Today, I though I might share another recipe with you that will appeal to young and old alike.  We went through a stage in which Scar-fish just wouldn’t eat ANYTHING unless it was shmeared with ketchup, so I thought I might need to find a recipe for this magic sauce that left out all the yucky, nasty preservatives in order to support this practice (whatever works, right?). This recipe comes to you via Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar for Life cookbook.  This amazing woman has started a whole movement with something as simple as changing her own lifestyle.  Just :READ MORE:

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Adventure time!


Just a cute little interim post of our darling girl.  She has imagination oozing out of every pore, honestly.  What kid can be left alone for hours without causing trouble and have the ability to create her own world?  This kid (and by alone, I mean free to roam the backyard or lord over her room whilst we watch from a close distance.  Come on, people, I’m a good parent). I have a few recipes, new products, guest posts and more exciting things heading your way soon, so stay with me!

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Gotta have Game

I have a special Maker to share with you today, yay!  He is a dear friend of mine who has always pursued his passions (whatever they may have been at the time) with drive and tenacity.  His current project, TOTOME, is currently in Kickstarter status and set to be a hit (just the first of many). See for yourself, or better yet, let the man behind LionSaysRoar - Javed Lendl Sterritt – tell you a bit about himself, TOTOME and the exciting road ahead. Hey! My name is Javed Lendl Sterritt and I live in Sydney Australia. I’m a musician, animator, director and budding game developer.  I grew up in Townsville and when I was 22, I chased a girl all the way down to Sydney where I got married and began my creative career. What are some recent projects you have been involved with? Being a musician, I had a huge heart for :READ MORE:

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Closet Staples

It’s no secret how fond I am of Popbasic and all the things they produce, but just in case you’re new here, let me give you a quick run down of what Popbasic is. Popbasic is a company with a fashion focus – that focus being producing timeless, quality, stylish closet essentials at an affordable price.  Ever month Popbasic releases a ‘micro-collection’.  A collection of three items so versatile, so vital and so very very cute that EVERYONE should have them in their respective closets.  By offering such collections monthly, Popbasic have created a fun and affordable way to build up your wardrobe staples. So, now that you’re versed on the cause – look at this collection!  The Wanderlust collection dropped today and I have to say – IT’S MY FAVORITE ONE SO FAR.  I’ve always said that a striped tee takes the “tee and jeans” look from casual to classy :READ MORE:

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Monday Morning Must-haves

My Monday mornings aren’t too different from every other morning.  We work weekends, we take weekdays off sometimes, our schedules are all mussed up – so I guess Monday isn’t really this horrible ‘have-to-get-out-of-bed-and-commute’ kinda day over here.  However, due to a lifetime of conditioning that has led me to believe that Monday mornings are less tolerable than all the other ones, I have a short but important list of things that make my grumps go away on a morning such as this. Coffee An obvious must, but worth noting.  A good bean is definitely number one on the priority list and at the moment we are trying this dark italian roast from Kind Coffee.  Clint’s parents recently went on a vacation to Colorado (sigh) and brought a bag back for us as a gift.  We are seriously that easy to buy for – a bag of beans from wherever you :READ MORE:

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Shake it up

IMG_4590 copy2

Confession time. Because of the majority of the content of this blog, I’m sure you are aware that I put a lot of time and effort into keeping myself and my family healthy.  We eat copious amounts of fruits and vegetables, consume heaps of good fats and fermented foods and don’t even allow processed, packaged or sugary foods into the house. Everyone has a flaw though, right? Here’s ours.  We work a lot and we work late.  Our schedule is not ‘normal’ or ‘efficient’ and honestly, we could be getting more sleep at a better hour – sleep is the glue that holds our health together and I really should know better.  We work late, we sleep late, we use coffee as a coping mechanism in the morning, afternoon and night.  That is, until we found the salted caramel shake at Sonic. Yes, I’m sorry to say, but sadly it’s true :READ MORE:

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Growing up

The little one turned four yesterday and I have been a mess about it.  She’s a smashing success of a human, so far (my husband keeps pointing this out in order to try and cheer me up) but I still can’t help but think back to all the baby times.  All the things I miss, all the things I did wrong, every little thing I failed to write down in one of those darned baby books and it’s turned me into a sniffling, teary, sad excuse for a human for the last few days. I am grateful for every day we’ve had together.  I am grateful for the little person she is and all the independence she is gaining.  I’m proud of her in every way, I’m overwhelmed by her brain and imagination and everything she is capable of and I will cherish every moment with her forever and ever, but :READ MORE:

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I am Amylee - Maker, married to a fellow Maker, mama to a mess in a tutu and big time dreamer in small town Oklahoma.  I wish I was stylish enough to have a fashion blog, but I might just write a lot about coffee.

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